Planning an Event?

We hope you’ve arrived at this page because you are entertaining the idea of having Denise present at your conference, conduct an in-service training for your staff, or deliver a seminar to a wider network in your community, city or state/province.

Never hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about Denise’s work. Believe us, there is no “hard sales” approach here. We don’t want Denise going anywhere unless we are highly confident that she will make our customer happy by meeting their expectations, making a valuable contribution to their organization, and having a significant impact on those in her audience. At whatever stage you are at, we’ll be happy to talk to you about your event, whether it is something already in the planning stage – or just something you are considering. Once we know what you are looking for or thinking about, we’ll just do our best to give you a clear picture of how we can best meet your needs and what costs will be involved… and we will respect your decision to proceed or not.

Here are a few items that might be helpful to you:

Feedback from Previous Customers/Organizers:

We do our best to work closely with our customers, to make our dealings smooth, and to add what we can to the success of their events. The vast majority of our customers report that Denise’s contribution to their event met or exceeded their expectations and was well-worth their investment. Here is a sample of the feedback we have received:

"Denise is truly a gifted and powerful presenter. She has greatly impacted the ways my students at San Diego State University think about how to support the needs of people with disabilities and facilitate the ability of people with disabilities to fulfill their dreams and potential. She has the ability to energize attendees about this important work and see new possibilities and directions they had not considered before."

~ Charles Degeneffe, San Diego State University
Re: Two-day seminar for Vocational Rehabilitation students and community job developers, San Diego, CA

"She was SOOOO impact-full to everyone in the room.  It was a very small training so the feeling was very intimate and personal. I think everyone in the room was affected by the passion that Denise puts into her work and her life!  Denise is amazing!"

~ Shelby Sink, Keys to Advancement, Inc.
Re: Two-day seminar for job development professionals, Vancouver, WA

"The information provided at the conference was so well presented and useful, we are absolutely thrilled with the presentation.  Denise was completely professional, flexible and easy to work with.  Denise also had a terrific sense of humor throughout what was a very long day and she presented real world applications and real word situations to the group, which were well received.  We would definitely recommend Denise for other conferences!"

~ Tracey Orcott,
Re: Keynote and Workshops at Montana Association for Rehabilitation Conference, Butte, MT

"Outstanding off the scale. The attendees loved the event and felt that is was life-changing in both their professional careers and their personal lives."

~ Mary Ann Thompson, Turning Gears Inc.
Re: One-day seminar for rehab counselors, job developers and H.R. professionals, Youngstown, OH

"Everyone was very pleased with the training and learned a lot… We got rave reviews and many “thank you”s!"

~ Sharyn Hancock, Workforce Essentials, Inc.
Re: Two-day seminar for workforce development professionals, Clarksville, TN

"The experience of having Denise work with Service Providers in our area was excellent.  The presentations were very well received by all participants. Very professional and the content is very applicable to current events."

~ Dana Bridgeman Cross, Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong
Re:  Two-Day seminar for placement personnel and employers, Kenora, ON


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