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Published several times a year, Denise’s True Livelihood Newsletter is a free electronic (delivered by email) newsletter. It supports the work of people who are engaged in developing the careers, vocations, livelihoods, jobs and/or work of other individuals. it is our belief that everyone's work life can, and should be, molded and crafted to be the expression of our finest gifts. We also believe that work can, and should be, a source of joy and fulfillment for everyone. Towards these ends, Denise's newsletter offers its readers a refreshing combination of practical tools and inspirational ideas.

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Current Edition


May 2019 - Lessons Along the Way


January 2018 - The Call to Citizen-Based Leadership


September 2016 - The Heart of Resilience: A Blessing, Key Questions and Core Beliefs
March 2016 - What You Know in Your Bones: Mining for Gold

August 2015 - Moving Past Stuck

April 2014 - Paths to Potentiality: Ten Habits of Heart and Mind
January 2014 - Embracing an Ethic of Reverence in Life and Work

December 2013 - Seven Simple Gifts - Not Easy to Give, Splendid to Receive
October 2013 - The Call to Purpose: Living a Life Laced with Meaning
September 2013 - The Magic of Commitment
August 2013 - Rethinking Happiness: How We Choose To Be Content

Access to many more earlier articles in the True Livelihood series will be available soon.

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Denise's Newsletter

May 2019 Issue

Lessons Along the Way:
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