Webinars On-Demand

We plan to make an increasing amount of Denise’s work available online in on-demand format – enabling her audience to access it in the comfort of their own homes and offices and at times that that are most convenient for them. We expect this online content to be ideal for personal study, in-service training for staff, and/or orientation for new employees.

The Resilience Series:
Strategies for Staying the Course

Four one-hour modules

When our best efforts are not bringing us the results we want, in the time that we want them, how do we keep on keepin’ on? When the going gets tough, how do we fight off feelings of lethargy and sluggishness and bring, instead, fresh energy and renewed commitment? In the midst of those who would urge us to give up, surrender the cause, or to cease tilting at windmills, how do we remain steadfast in our own sense of purpose? In this powerful series, Denise offers practical tips and techniques for “Staying the Course” with greater resolve, resilience and self-renewal.

This webinar series is derived from a live webinar series hosted by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling.
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What I Know in My Bones:
Practical Wisdom for Success in Employment and Training

Four one-hour modules

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Denise Bissonnette
is one of North America’s most
sought-after trainers and
speakers on career development,
job development, workforce development, and
"true livelihood".

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